Can't find the answer you are looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

Go to the product inventory page and click on Add Inventory + button -> You will see Stock popup ,Fill all stock detail in this popup and click on update inventory button.

To change the selling price of a product, go to the Inventory menu>Manage selling price, and here you can click on Edit price and update the selling price.

Go to the product inventory page and deactivate the product by clicking on the delete button.

Go to the Users menu>View users>Click on the Edit button. Here you can edit the details and change your user's roles and actions.

Go to Channels menu>Add channel> Fill in your details and submit the form. Your channel will get added successfully.

Click on user icon-> click on profile options then open a Profile Settings window.You can change profile pic here.

Go to the Orders menu>Add orders> Assign an Order Id, fill in all the details, and then submit the form. Your order will get added. Order Id should be unique, you cannot assign the same Id to two different orders

Yes, you can. Go to the Shipping menu>All orders> you will see all the orders here which have been processed for shipping. You can click on AWB no. of the order you want to track and see the real-time tracking of that order.

Go to the Order menu>Confirmed orders> Click on the reverse button, you will two options Re-assign and cancel the order. If the customer wants some rework on order, then you can re-assign this order to your Users. If the customer wants to cancel it, then you can cancel this order by clicking on the cancel this order button.

Go to Shipping management>All orders> Select orders and generate labels and manifest. Download labels from the same page. To download manifests you can go to the "Download manifest" page.

Yes, you can. Go to the shipping menu>RMA orders> you can enter the Order Id, and your order details will be fetched automatically. You can scroll down and fill in the details and initiate the process of refund or replacement.

If you don't have the GST no., you can leave the GST field empty in the company profile section. But without GST, your taxation will not be done. We recommend you get registered for the GST as soon as you can.