Pricing FREE 15000.00 33000.00 50000.00 5000.00
Validity 30 30 30 30 30
CRM Order Volume Upto 99 Orders Upto 999 Orders Upto 2999 Orders Upto 9999 Orders No Minimum Commitment
Users 1 User 3 Users 5 Users Unlimited Unlimited
Store Management 1 Store 3 Stores 10 Stores Unlimited Unlimited
Advance Reports and Dashboards 0 2 2 2 1
Fake Order Tracking Level 1 1 1 2 2
Order Management
Order Assignment and Routing
Shipping Management
NDR Management
RTO Management
RMA Management
Order Flow Management
Activity Data Capture
Marketplace Integration
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Roles and Permissions
Dialer Integration (Add On)
Opportunity Management
API Integration
Payment Gateway Integration
Courier Forecasting & Target Predictions
SMS Order Notification
Calling Team Performance Report
ROAS Calculator
Auto Order Capturing & Distribution
Customer Support Email Support Phone, Email ,Chat And PA Phone, Email And Chat Phone, Email ,Chat And PA Phone, Email ,Chat And PA
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In Beginner Plan you can process 99 orders in 30 days. In case you want to process more than 99 orders then you have to pay order processing charge of 25 rupees on each order.This amount will be deducted from your wallet automatically.For processing your orders by our crm in a seamless manner, always maintain sufficent amount in your wallet.


In case you purchase Add on plan with your existing plan, you can easily process more than 99 orders. In this manner, you can process 100 orders at the rate of 22 rupees per order. In this way you can save 30 rupees on 100 orders.Thus you will earn profit of Rs. 3 on each order and there will be no delay in the processing of your orders and you will be able to use our CRM in a seamless manner.


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Our Beginner Plan is an excellent plan for newly started and small organizations. Nominal convenience fee of just 25 Rs. is all you have to pay on each order. The number of orders is limited to 99 in this plan. However, it won’t affect your business if the numbers increase. All you have to do is to buy our Add on plan, to run your business in a seamless manner. This plan is quite convenient and help run your business in a seamless manner..