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Advance Reporting

One of the most powerful features of Ecomtrix’s CRM software is its Advance Reporting Module. No matter how much effort you put into sales and marketing and no wonder you create good margin of profit, until and unless these data are not utilized to their maximum potential, the organization will never do the magical-profit again.

The huge data are stored with for each product, order, transaction and various other departments can create wonders for any organization if this massive pool of data is analyzed, and reported in a well format for future planning and achieving greater milestones.

Ecomtrix has provided a versatile Advanced Reporting module that generates multiple diversified reports depending on the user’s selected filters.

  • Product based reports:

    Which product is selling most and which is the slowest moving item. What is the different profit ratio for different products or different product categories. Which product are returned by the users most of the time?

  • Inventory based reports:

    What products are in stock and what are in making process? Other reports included, about the current stock status for each item, goods return, purchase and sale etc.

  • Accounts based reports:

    This section gives a detailed report on all sorts of expenses and incomes.

  • Shipping based reports:

    Under this section, user can come to know the performance of different shipping vendors, who had the most numbers of returns or complains, etc.?

  • Analytical Reports:

    This section helps to decide the plan for future. Based on the previous data, the algorithm can analyze and predict the result for upcoming period.

  • With so many versatile report generators, the organization can get specific and easy-to-read data about the current state of your company’s business. These reports can be created, shared and used only among certain users or sales groups as per the settings.

  • Data is the Treasure:

    Practically, the entire set of data stored in CRM can be used to generate customized report that can be narrowed down for different results. Multiple actions and filters can be used for advanced reporting

  • User Friendly reports:

    In case you need a specific type of report over and over again, that format filters and can be saved for later use saving your valuable time.

  • Exporting Reports:

    Once the report is generated, it can either be printed, or exported as csv or excel file. These files can be sent via email as well.

With Ecomtrix’s Advanced Reporting Module organization is sure to take a leap forward with various data in hands as per filtered requirement. Proper evaluation will help in making accurate decision based on numbers.