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inventory management

One of the most difficult tasks for any ecommerce retailer is to ensure that their real-time inventory is well synced with actual stock and can easily handle the peak season rush, able to maintain consistency of data and deliver real-time reports. Ecomtrix’s SaaS based CRM module of Inventory Management provides the user with capability to modernize the real-time stock management, performing for all scales of business and varies business data models.

    How does Ecomtrix deal with the real-time inventory challenges?
  • Stock Status:

    The module helps the organization to have the numbers of ready stock at any live moment. It provides the accurate figures for all the stock related queries with various filter options. You can check the stock as a whole, or for a particular category or even a specific product.

  • Precise Calculations:

    The stock gets reduced with every shipment, and gets it back to the inventory at the time of RTO. It maintains accurate calculation of stock in warehouse, stock in transit, and stock delivered. .

  • Records RMA:

    The module has a powerful feature of RMA (Return merchant Agreement). If there is a case for product return and the client wants the refund for the same, updating the record on RMA module helps to maintain the integrity of stock and the status of that particular order as well.

  • Combo product/inventory management:

    At times when the company is dealing with combo products selling, using the combo product inventory module makes the entire process of inventory management a seamless and effortless procedure. It is very easy to create unique combo product ids, from existing list of individual product ids. This is specially useful during peak season sale or stock clearance sale where combo products are bundled together as a single unit.

  • Multi-location Management:

    The module is capable to track and manage inventory for different locations and warehouses. With a single click, the organization can have detailed reports on total stock at different warehouses.

  • User Friendly Menu Structure:

    Each section of Ecomtrix’s SaaS based Inventory management software is user-friendly with easy to follow steps procedure. Be it addition of new products or checking status of a particular stock, it can be easily reported with a few clicks only.

  • Real-time inventory:

    The basic feature of an omni-channel experience depends largely on deploying real-time inventories as it involves shipping between stores; reserving the items online which can be self-picked and finding the items based on the location. If your delivery system lacks good inventory management, you will end up frustrating your customers, minimizing your brand loyalty and reducing your sales.

A unified Omni-channel experience

Omni-channel strategies are known for delivering consistent, seamless and unified experience to the retail buyers across different channels. Following a seamless Omni-channel strategy is the most suitable approach for retailers to drive a competitive edge and stay pertinent. Ecomtrix’s Inventory Management module is one stop solution for all your inventory related management process. With various customizable modules, editable reports and easy to use tracking system, your organization can save hundreds of man-hours in terms of ease of task and use the effort in other productive tasks.