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Order Tracking

Enhancing customer experience is the cynosure of the E-commerce industry today. The bottleneck competition between the e-commerce veterans and small merchants is because of the increased consumer expectations, ease in order management, and reduced RTO rates. Order Tracking has become an imminent part of order management in Ecommerce for consumers and merchants alike.

Order tracking is a value-added service offered by the merchants to the end-consumers, but at EcomTrix, we offer it to the merchants. While creating the software, our teammate asked, "Why can't companies keep track of the orders?" It will help them confirm and manage orders, keep track of shipping and reduce the RTO rate by assigning the order to an ideal shipping company suitable for the location.

It was a radical thought but in line with our aim to create transparency in the industry. The primary reason to design EcomTrix was to create a transparent and automated backend system for the merchants, and order tracking by the organisation was need of the hour. So, it was decided to make a module that will help track orders at every mile. Our customers can get the live location of the shipped orders, filter fake orders and decide whether to proceed with the order or not.

Order Tracking Process

Let's say you received an order from Mr. D, who lives in Kolhapur.

  • Step-1: The order will be recorded in our system as the new order if Mr. D is ordering for the first time. If he is a frequent buyer, then the order will be recorded in the UID assigned to him.
  • Step-2: Merchants dashboard will show the fresh orders.
  • Step-3: Our backend customer care will conduct order confirmation and filter fake confirmations.
  • Step-4: Once the order is confirmed, only then it will be sent for shipment.
  • Step-5: Once the order is in transit, our clients can check the live status of the orders.
  • Step-6: Merchants will get live updates of the order until the order is delivered.

Our transparent order tracking feature will control the expenses and losses during the shipment and order in transit. If Mr. D receives the order on time without constant calls from the delivery agent and the order will be in perfect shape, he will become your valuable customer.

Remember, a happy customer is an asset. He will order frequently and sing your praises to his network, leading to increased satisfied customers and sales.

Our Ethical Pillars of Strength (instead of our core values)

1.Innovative and strategic solutions

EcomTrix is a solution-oriented company aiming to provide data-driven strategic solutions to eliminate our clients' pain points. When you collaborate with EcomTrix, you get a conducive and technology-driven ecosystem for your business to grow.

2. Quality that beats Competition

Our motto is, "Nothing but the Best, Valuable and Long Lasting." Our diverse and experienced team swears on quality assurance. Ever-evolving and upgrading, we won't rest until we become the inspiration for our competitors. Our approach is to beat our best products, and it assures our clients that they get nothing but the best.

3. Striving for excellence by simplifying complexities

Let's give your company a virtual makeover and a solid footprint. We strive to create excellent yet simplified tools that anyone can use from a novice to a veteran. With our simplified yet dynamic software, your company will enjoy the competitive edge you always dreamt of.

4. End-to-end Customer Care Service

Our trained customer service will shoulder your responsibilities and make things happen at a fast pace. From order confirmation to delivery, our team will hold your hand and guide you at every step to ensure order fulfilment without any obstacles.

5. Think long-term outcomes

EcomTrix aspires to create an ecosystem where malpractices are a thing of the past. Our approach is long-term results. Therefore, we are creating transparent processes where the merchant controls the transactions till the end.

6. Establishing high benchmarks in the dynamic environment

Ultimately, it all comes down to consumer satisfaction. We intend to create strong backend support for our clients that will help them offer premium quality services to their customers. In the dynamic e-commerce environment, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and will make you a distinguished company.