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Delivering the right products and services to the customers has always been a challenging task. However, cost optimization can be of great help in managing these complexities and maintain business continuity. We at Ecomtrix have helped our clients to minimize their shipping costs by about 8-9% using our inventory and order management applications. Our CRM, Ecomtrix is of great help in tracking the orders right from the beginning till their delivery, in managing the data and processing all through the cycle of the order and in getting detailed visibility into all the orders.

Why Ecomtrix ?

Ecomtrix has put the cumulative years of team’s experience and efforts into developing the finest Order Management module that covers all the difficulties that a small, medium, and large- size organization faces in maintaining their orders. Few of the unique and most helpful features of the module are described below.

Ecomtrix is the master of order management. How?

Every business demands omni-channel fulfillment which motivates them to fulfillthem to fulfill customers’ demands and promises. Therefore, a modern order management system which is capable of managing orders and inventory across different channels is significant for organizations. Our software assists manufacturers in:-

  • Simplifying the orders by merging different systems which allows ordering and quoting on different channels.
  • Streamlining the workflow by seamless integration with enterprise, shipping, fulfillment and payment systems.
  • Saving on costs by minimizing errors in entry and returns.
  • Enhancing the entire ordering experience by providing adequate services at all times.
  • Growing revenues and installing base by increasing the sales, engaging all the buyers and improving the rates for service contracts.
  • Multi-Channel:

    User has the facility to manage their orders from multiple channels like Woo commerce, Open Cart and Shopify. All orders are well integrated and can be managed from one single dashboard.

  • Telecaller-Confirmation:

    The data are stored in a way that they can be used by telesales team for the confirmation of the orders This helps the organization in reduction of return orders as the orders are confirmed over call before they are dispatched.

  • Status tracking:

    The updated status of tracking can be checked from the dashboard itself. One can know the number of orders, executed, pending, cancelled and in transit as well.

  • Reassignment of orders:

    You can also automate the reassignment of orders with the help of personalized business rules and validation even without using an IT ticket. This saves the man- hour task for the company in the long duration.

Streamline with quick order fulfillment

Our Order Management Software helps in meeting the customer expectations and fulfilling the order management challenges. Our software helps you organizing your fulfillment network with next-level options and core capabilities.

You can use our applications to combine delivery and inventory visibility, multichannel order accumulation and availability of different services at a single platform for quick fulfillment of orders.

Ecomtrix excels at offering modern order management functionalities which are quite relevant for dynamic media organizations. We have the best OMS which optimizes and automates the process of sales and delivery for seamless fulfillment and quick approvals. Efficient and faster publisher operations are sure to make the advertisers happy. It is a well-known fact that greater customer satisfaction results in long-lasting values.