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Organizations of all sizes invest tons of money on product information management software. Ecomtrix help you reduce your expenses by eliminating the need of having different software for different functions.

The varied features is the USP of our CRM module that makes us stand apart from other available modules in the market.

  • Easy Product Portfolio management:

    One can provide a unique SKU id to each product and maintain the entire details related to specific item. Addition, modification and deletion of products are done with ease and easy to follow steps. All products are streamlines and can be managed from single dashboard. Organize and centralize all your product management responsibilities on a single platform. By managing your entire products portfolio through the product management software, you can ensure that your products get introduced to your customers and receive maximum visibility.

  • Dynamic catalogue:

    Create and manage a product management strategy with complete parent and child categories. Add important metadata such as descriptions, media attachments, quantities, etc. so that data is easy to understand.

  • Track individual product status:

    With the help of product management tool, one can access the updated status of a particular product like, its manufacturing details. Production details, shipment info and other specific customized info. With Ecomtrix’s CRM you could create product or service catalogs that display complete information such as available stock, prices, delivery time, shipping details, etc. under a single platform and automatically alert your vendors as soon as an order gets placed.

  • Combo products:

    Our CRM product management enables you to maintain an updated product portfolio across your retail network. Module is also capable of managing combo product as unique SKU id. Related inventory for the same gets instantly updated.

  • Multi-tier Channel selling:

    Manufacturers of complex products who sell and service products through multi-tiered Channel Partners face many challenges in delivering the right product content to meet the needs of the customers at various touch points during the customer life cycle. Ecomtrix CRM product management make it easier to deliver rich product content including product specifications, accessories, digital assets, and more on any device to customers, channel partners, and sales teams.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements. We would be glad to serve with our solutions that meets your need and help you focus on other business tasks.