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ROAS (Return on AD. Spend)

Theoretically, ROAS is ‘Return On Ad Spend’ which is one of the most significant metric for any online advertisers. It provides an answer for the most basic marketing question, “What will I get by putting x sum of my investment in a specific marketing channel?” One should not forget that marketing is nothing but a huge investment which makes it all the more significant. Thus, a marketing channel which does not provide profitable dividends is not considered worthy of investment.


ROAS is the key factor for measuring how effective an online advertising campaign is. It helps you realize if the marketing efforts made by you are working or not and in turn make adequate decisions about optimum utilization of the ad budget. If you find higher ROAS, it indicates that a specific set of ads or ad is worthy of investment in the future as well. On the other hand, lower ROAS shows that you should adjust the targets, tweak your messages, or completely stop the campaign.

    How is ROAS Calculator by Ecomtrix different from Others
  • ROAS Calculator by Ecomtrix is not limited to analyze only its spending on advertisements, but it takes into considerations various factors that help the organization to define a price for a product or service.
  • There are multiple heads under which the company has to spend money which directly or indirectly have an impact on pricing the product.
  • Many companies feel that Costing + Profit = Selling price, and hence they do not need ROAS Calculator. However, there are various tangible and non-tangible, direct and indirect expenses that contribute towards the pricing.
  • ROAS Calculator by Ecomtrix provides you an opportunity to feed in as many heads for expenses to conclude the final product price.
  • The calculator has the capability to predict the price on 5 important factors that leads to final pricing and calculating the net profit on any particular item
  • User can adjust their expenses on different fields as per the need to achieve the desired cost price or profit.
    Advantages of ROAS Assessment

    With respect to B2B, good quality of leads turns out to be highly effective when compared to a greater quantity of leads. A greater quantity of poor or average quality of leads indicates the wastage of efforts and time in developing relationships. This creates a poor ROAS which is not capable of impressing clients.

    On the other hand, quality leads boost conversions. In cases where there are no conversions, it teaches a lesson from key customers that there is a good fit for the goods or services. The situation is a completely win-win one.

  • Identification of the scaling opportunities

    ROAS assists businesses in evaluating the effectiveness of every spending as per their performance. Examination of every campaign guides a business to identify the ads that perform well, which then help in maximizing the results after scaling them. You should be aware of the fact that when you try to cut down your budget for an ad, your ROAS can also fall. This is quite normal and you should constantly supervise your ROAS ensuring that you keep on earning profits even during scaling.

  • Cutting down the wrong investment

    After you have assessed the way your active advertisements are performing, you can make efforts to optimize the budget for your campaigns. It is not necessary that if you spend a large amount on ads, your revenue will be higher. Nevertheless, it is always wise to spend on the ads that perform well as doing so can boost sales and revenue. The results of the ROAS calculation play a significant role in identifying the campaigns and ads on which you have spent more than required. Thus, you should minimize your budget for such cases to safeguard your business from running into losses.

  • Refining the marketing strategies

    It is a fact that marketing strategies that have gained success are based on a number of facts. ROAS acts as the right hand for digital advertising. This makes it easier to identify the campaigns that outperform any other ads so that you can arrange the marketing strategies you use in this manner for maximizing your profits in the future. ROAS is known as the most significant metric for assessing the performance of your marketing strategies to boost revenue. The calculation of ROAS is easy if you are deploying your marketing efforts online in an accurate manner. However, the usage of ROAS data creates a huge impact on one’s business.

    The ROAS Calculator module by Ecomtrix makes sure that you get the finest and precise calculations on all your ad-spend budget and other expenses that help in deciding where and how to spend on any segment. Not only our module helps you determine between the good ROAS and bad ROAS, but with the help of various algorithms, it also helps you to decide on your future spend as well. The analytical tools guide you the future prospect based on past data. For a free demo of our software, click here.