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A comprehensive Shipment Management Module by Ecomtrix CRM helps the organization to administrate and execute shipment activities related to all orders. The prime aim of this module is to provide seamless shipment management service and maximize the returns on your transportation spent. It supports client by providing real time visibility on shipment status and serves client’s business decisions that drives cost savings.

There are various features in Ecomtrix’s CRM Shipment module that makes it different from all others. Following are few of the key features worth mentioning.

  • Multiple- Courier Partners:

    A company has the liberty to send the couriers, parcels and cargos by multiple shipping agencies and courier partners. The module is capable to track and manage the shipment details of multiple courier partners from the single platform.. Apart from the 3rd party vendors, we also have our own in-house courier aggregator partners.

  • Easy tracking system:

    The Organization can access the details of its shipment. It shows all the phases of entire delivery procedure, including the time it has left the warehouse, in-transit state and when it is going to be delivered, till it reaches the destination.

  • Regular notification:

    The shipping Management module by Ecomtrix keeps their customers and business owners about the latest position of shipment by their inbuilt notification module. For example, when the transit is delayed for any reason, a notification is sent to the receiver informing the status and the reason for delay.

  • NDR Management:

    Non-Delivery Report/Receipt Management provides the user with complete info on the orders that falls under the NDR section. It gives detailed data on total percentage of orders that are delivered under this category. It helps the organization to find a suitable solution to reduce NDR rates.

  • RTO Management:

    The most common issue faced by any organization is the RTO management. On an average, any organization loses around 5-10 % of their orders as the RTO marked orders fails to reach their destination on scheduled time. This module will help the user to keep a detailed track on RTO orders and their respective status.

  • Courier partner performance report:

    This module will help you ascertain on which courier partner is doing well which courier is delivering on time, who gets late and various other details. This helps the organization to evaluate each courier partners on various factors.

    In a nutshell, the Shipment Management Module by Ecomtrix provides solution to all day to day issues faced by organization to manage its shipment procedures. For a demo to our module, give a call or click here to get in touch with us.

Multishipment Integration

For organizations that have to work with multiple shipment agencies, the specialized CRM module by Ecomtrix is the best panacea. It offers a precise, comprehensive, finest multi- shipment integration that saves lots of time and money.

Ecomtrix provides the leading software that is designed to eliminate all day-to-day erroneous tasks that are related to the multi shipping process. It helps to automate and streamline the shipping process when there are shipments to be done by multiple companies.

  • Single dashboard-Multiple companies

    With the unique features inbuilt in the CRM software, one can manage shipment done through different shipping and freight agents under a single dashboard. You can eradicate the regular erroneous tasks of filling the same data when shipments are sent to the same clients multiple times. Not only this feature saves time and effort, but it also reduces the chance of any clerical errors.

  • Seamless Tracking

    No matter which shipping agency took the task of delivering the parcel or cargo, the user can track all the deliverables from one window only and can track individual parcels. With up-to- date tracking info, one can be notified of all the milestones of the journey of the parcel.

  • Concise reports

    Advanced reporting helps you determine various factors that make the analytical data useful for planning and decision making. User can have reports on best performing shipment agency, best delivery track record, the one receiving the most number of complaints and, total business volume provided to any and various other customized reports

Benefits of Multi Shipment Integration
  • Reduce clerical errors by eliminating double data entry
  • Increased accuracy and precise information of shipping details
  • A clear picture of statuses and related cost
  • Helps in improving the productivity of employees
  • Shipment-related inquiries are reduced
  • It helps is pacing all the process

With the growing industry of ecommerce, more and more companies are facing new challenges in terms of shipment handling from different companies. Ecomtrix Multi-Shipping Integration is here to provide the finest solution to such problems. Get in touch with the expert team of Ecomtrix for a consultation and demo