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Vendor Management We at Ecomtrix help the end users to get the products at the minimum price possible. with the vendors and the end-users. We at Ecomtrix bring coordination between the organization, and the vendors. Control of cost, risk factor and execution assessment lie in the foundation of vendor management. It empowers to derive the best value from the vendors. It helps to make the business relationship healthy, which is very necessary to build good business environment. It is very essential to manage vendors to increase their efficiency and help the end-users and in the end to increase the profitability of the organization.

Who is a Vendor? Vendor is a person or an organization from which the other organization purchases some product. The purpose of Ecomtrix is to manage the vendors in a way and provides them a platform to perform all their business-related activities in a seamless manner.

Vendor Management By Ecomtrix Vendor management is a process in which we do all the business transactions with our vendors and provide excellent service to them. For this purpose we need various information of the vendor. We need to know the vendor’s name, their email Id, their GST no. and their contact details. We take care of cost control, risk mitigation and execution of the order. We keep in record all these data for our future reference.

    Fundamentals in Vendor Management
  • Analyzing the Vendors:

    It is a very important step in the management of vendors. It is very important to know the price of the goods supplied by the vendors, the quality of goods and terms of service. All these factors are extremely important in long-term relationship with the vendor. This is because of the fact good quality; low price and prompt supply attract the end-users. We at Ecomtrix store the complete data of the vendor for future use. However, the vendor must be rest-assured that we respect the privacy of the vendor and never share it with any third person.

  • Proper Communication with the Vendors:

    Since we have multiple vendors, it is very important to maintain proper communication with our vendors; it will help in knowing the vendors more and more.

  • Inventory Management of the Vendors:

    Ecomtrix’s SaaS based CRM module of inventory management provides the vendors with the capability of real-time stock management. This module helps them to have the numbers of ready stock at any live moment. The stock gets reduced with every shipment and it is necessary to update the inventory accordingly. Our software maintains accurate calculation of stock in warehouse, stock in transit and stock delivered.

  • Invoice Management of the Vendors:

    We simply upload the picture of the invoice. This will help us the see the invoice for future reference. It will help us compare the price of goods and also further increase or decrease of price of the goods. It will help us from where the goods purchased are cheaper, and where the demand of goods is more and where the demand is less. It will also help us manage the shipment. We can find out which courier is giving good service and which one is giving bad service. Vendor management appears to be an easy job. However, it is a very challenging task. The vendors at very nominal fees can use our platform for the complete management of their business.