Multitasking, hassle-free delivery, automated processes, and business growth- EcomTrix can make it possible.
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An AI-enabled unified order management platform to minimise cost, increase sales and overcome geographical challenges.

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Our automated CRM will integrate all the systems under one roof, thereby saving time, money, and energy on back-end operations..

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Advance Reporting

Our reporting system prompts advanced data and comprehensive details. The insights will give you an idea of product performance and help in making strategic decisions.

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Vendor management is our top priority. After thorough analysis and scrutinising their performance, we shortlist vendors to ensure our clients and consumers enjoy seamless services.

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Plan inventory management and keep a real-time record of the inventory. The records will show you the trends and demands and accordingly manage bulk orders.

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Let's synchronise your website with our CRM and automate the product listing. We believe in smart work and saving time, so we designed self-sufficient software. .

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Integrating your business with our automated solutions

Do you know you can save 20% on shipping expenses? Do you know a high RTO rate (Return to origin) is terrible for your brand?

Thousands of brands opt for intelligent, automated solutions to reduce operating costs, shipping expenses, and variable expenses to increase revenue. Be it offline stores or online carts, they need a strong back-end CRM to ensure quick deliveries, streamlined order management, reduced RTO rate by 20-25%, and a seamless end-to-end delivery system.

Ecomtrix is here to strengthen the pillars of the Ecommerce business by introducing AI-enabled integrated solutions that will shield your business from malpractices and complacency. The labour cost, shipping cost, and risk factors posing a threat to E-commerce companies can now be mitigated with our automated solutions. Now you can enjoy economies of scale by regaining control on the back-end operation and scale your business. Know More

Salient Features

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 PAN India

PAN India Presence

Ecomtrix is designed with omniscience because we want our clients to overcome geographical challenges. Geographical challenges are a significant pain point of E-commerce retailers. The packages left undelivered for whatever reason, be it the complacent attitude of the courier agent or the wrong address, results in increased expenses. Our CRM will keep track of deliveries and ensure seamless transactions across the country with our vendor management. .

Reduced RTO cost

With Ecomtrix, you can reduce RTO by 20-25%. Our AI-enabled CRM will give you reports on fake orders, reviews on courier partners, updating the correct information, and other factors. It will reduce the pending or undelivered orders, which will ultimately increase your sales and credibility. We also offer Pin code and zone-wise RTO analysis that will help in choosing the right delivery partner.

RTO cost

Performance Management

Data is the backbone of the business these days. You need advanced reporting and data insights to know the high-performing and low-performing areas, the product most in demand, and the customers' preferences. Our AI-curated reports will give a comprehensive review zone-wise and trends to follow. It will help you make the right decisions, increase product supply, launch combo offers, etc.

Strategize with precision

The sure-shot formula of success lies in proper planning backed by cost analysis down to minutest expenses. You can witness a 20% increase in business growth with our ROAS Calculator. It will analyse the cost of the product by recording fixed and variable expenses such as cost of production, labour cost, marketing cost, online advertisement cost, packaging, and shipping expenses. It will give you an estimated figure and highlight whether the company will incur profit or loss.


Transparent system

Our cloud-based CRM is all for transparency. Keep track of every transaction, every expense and get advance reporting on sales, inventory, orders, and shipping. A transparent and automated back-end system will increase operational efficiency and decision-making.


AI-enabled solutions

Automation and integration are the need of the hour. We have designed solutions that will integrate your website with ours and help in product listing, order management, back-end updating, and much more. It will give you access to back-end operations where you can update the orders, check delivery percentage, keep track of fake orders and make a strategic decision based on the data and calculations.